Volume 3 Issue 4

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Volume 3 Issue 4

Women in Brewing 

Volume 3 Issue 3

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Spring Sours and New Breweries

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<br>Spring Sours and New Breweries</div>

Volume 2 Issue 2

Volume 2 Issue 2

Volcano Day Area - Petroglyph National Monument

<iframe src='https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/embed/1494808426' title='Albuquerque Running' width='465' height='500' frameborder='0'></iframe> (Click on Albuquerque Running for map)

Unique area where a split in the Earth's crust leaked magma and created five small volcanoes helping to form the land west of the Rio Grande.  Worth a visit to see the diverse plant and animal life, the geology and the native American beliefs about the area.

Volcanoes at Petroglyph National Monument

<iframe src='https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/embed/1494808426' title='Albuquerque Running' width='465' height='500' frameborder='0'></iframe>  Click on the link to see the map of the Volcanoes trail and then on Albuquerque Running to get a bigger map and description - or go to Petroglyphs National Monument website.

Christmas Eve 2016 at The 377

Brooke, Jake and Dennis came to see Michelle for Christmas.  Living in Denver, they know all the good breweries in the Denver metro area and are enjoying the New Mexico brewing culture that is up and coming and easily rivals Colorado, not in quantity, but certainly in quality as we compared notes.

Roxy is an Isleta Pueblo native and grew up with grapes so she prefers big red wines (Cabernets) but certainly appreciates the brewpub culture.  Jeff grew up an 'army brat' and has traveled extensively also.  He knows a lot about brewpubs and has done research at many.  They are presently in Washington DC metro but are finding more good beer there.  They are in NM and CO frequently.  

Current Issue - Vol2 Issue 6

Current Issue - Vol2 Issue 6

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting issue of Brewers Crew Magazine. It was a busy fall season so there is plenty to cover and read in this issue. We also have some exciting news; Brewers Crew Magazine is expanding its distribution and participation into Southern Colorado, so you can count on us to relay more news about what is going on out there!

In this issue we have the commentary from all the Great American Beer Fest (GABF) winners. It was our first time attending the event and it was truly an extraordinary experience! We had so much fun at the GABF this year and watching our beloved breweries collect medals puts the icing on the cake or should I say, “the head on the beer”. It was a whirl wind of delicious craft beer and entertainment. Some of my most memorable moments were the amazing food pairings and hearing Justin Hamilton of Boxing Bear yell, “New Mexico!” after winning a gold medal. You can check out all the pics and winners inside!

We are also continuing our trails and ales segment because we love it so much. With all the positive feedback we’ve received, we think you love it too! Make sure you see where our friend, Dave Gordon, has been trekking and tasting lately.

Along with that, there is a new course at CNM where only the elite of craft beer enthusiast may want to partake in. They have a Beverage and Brewing Management program that is sure to grab your attention.

Finally, with the holidays in sight, we have some highlights of how some of our brewers are giving back to the community and environment. You’d be surprised at what the breweries are doing to support local charities and to become environmentally friendly.

Thank you again for all your support! Without you, the reader, Brewers Crew Magazine wouldn’t be where we are today. Our next issue is set to release mid-January of 2017, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Please enjoy the holidays responsibly.


Paul Mares
Publisher, Brewers Crew Magazine

Breweries del Norte

Albuquerque is certainly the centro de cerveza of Nuevo Mexico but what about the outer limits of the brewing circle?  The old New Mexico Territory used to include southern Colorado - hence the names of towns - Pueblo, La Veta, Alamosa, Pagosa Springs, Durango, Cortez, Buena Vista and Del Norte where there just happens to be a brewery.  Three Barrel Brewing is in Del Norte, CO.  The license plate indicates 'beer drinkers without borders' as evidenced by the bumper sticker.  And to my surprise being there recently, they had two beers on draft and in bottles of beer made with aspen leaves that impart a bitterness similar to hops.  Ever wandered through aspen groves during or after a rain?  Ahhh, the smell of damp aspens.  My two samplers are the Espin Bock and Espin Kolsch both made with aspen leaves (Populous tremuloides).  The bock was a sweeter dark beer and the aspen flavor was masked a bit, but, still a lovely drinking beverage.  The Espin Kolsch is a light refreshing beer with the overtones of aspen. Was perfect after my Pronghorn Trail run - a newly blazed set of trails up San Francisco Creek road a mile south of Del Norte.  Right on Highway 160 in downtown - met a couple of self confessed beer snobs from Taos that have been married for several years.  Where'd they meet?  At a brewpub!!   

Taos Mesa Brewing and Tap Room

Taos Mesa Brewing west of Taos and the in town Taos Mesa Tap Room have "IT" together.  By "IT" I mean their beer, food, atmosphere, music, environmental ethic for solar energy and capturing rainwater, plus their employees are service industry people!  Both locations serve great food to pair with their beers. They also carry guest taps.  Get flights of sample sizes and prepare to have your taste buds light up.  I asked about the Biere de garde - I know some French but was not familiar with that style.  Bryce, the 'beertender' plopped the Beer Bible in front of me along with a sample.  Knew the French could make wine but I had never had a Biere de garde - I read about the style and then took a sip.  Wow!  What a beautiful beverage!