Interested in advertising with us?

Interested in advertising with us?

Brewers Crew Magazine is the ultimate guide to local craft beer with a mission to celebrate the brewing culture and encourage the enjoyment of New Mexico craft beer.

By participating in our magazine, you add exposure and value to your advertising efforts. We strive to support your brewery's success by offering more than just print advertising. Brewer's crew magazine has a full team of marketing experts and can assist with event promotion, design services and strategic planning.

Benefits of advertising with us:

  • Cost Effective - The advertising fee buys more than an ad space.
  • Direct access to a marketing department - Our team consists of experts in marketing, graphic design, social media and event promotions. 
  • Access to print needs - We are able to offer certain print services at no cost to our advertisers.
  • Digital marketing - We work to spread the word for you via 'world-wide web'

The fine print...

By agreeing to participate in Brewer's Crew Magazine, you agree to allow us to:
  • Place a full page, full color print ad in our next issue
  • Feature your brewery on at least one of our Brewer's Crew RADIO SHOWS.
  • Promote any events that your brewery might have via social media and our website
  • Organize and promote at least one release party or happy hour event at your brewery
  • Provide you with FREE design services
  • Provide you with FREE print services for flyers and posters*

*Your first 100 - 8.5"x11" flyers and 75 - 11"x17" posters are free. Any item after that will be discounted 15%.

What did we tell you? (We are here to support you and your brewery. Not just to take your money and give you ad space.)

The Rates...

As a NM brewery, you have access to all the services stated above for only $500.

Full page/Full Color: $500

Web Banner (optional): $30.00 per month

Full Advertising Package (includes all services stated above, one full page ad, website banner ad, and ad placement on our social media pages): $550

If you don't brew craft beer...
 you get these same services, but at $900. We know, we know, kind of pricey. But it sure beats paying thousands of dollars for a lot less support, right? We're here for you big hitters too, don't worry.

If you like what you see, give us a call! We want to work with you. Call up, Paul Mares or Dave Gordon, their contact info is below.

Or you can send us a message through Facebook. However you choose, we hope you do it soon. 

Contact us for more information!

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